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Since 2009, we have been helping brands like yours achieve digital success with our technology solutions. Let’s do it for you!

Our Solutions.

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Tripodo offers unique services tailored towards providing viable solutions to ensure your business growth and global expansion. With our IT solutions, you can dominate the digital space in your locale and beyond. A detailed exploration of our solution to all types of IT drawbacks is a few lines away. Here are the solutions we offer:

Individual Website Development

Unique website development tailored to your needs featuring the latest technologies and SEO best practices.

e-Commerce Development

E-commerce shops designed with conversion in mind backed up with payment solutions and digital marketing

Payment Solutions for e-Commerce Shops

We build and integrate fast and secure payment solutions for your e-commerce shop.

Server Management & Administration

Reliable and available 24/7 with state-of-the-art backup solutions.

Website Security

Up-to-date security infrastructure reliable in finding, fixing, and blocking threats with 24/7/365 free support.

Platform Testing

Comprehensive end-to-end testing with detailed quality assurance processes.

WordPress Plug-in Development

Custom WordPress solutions to expand your website’s functionality.

Mobile APP Development

Top-notch application design & development with an advanced tech stack tailored to solve your unique business needs.

Data & Web Analytics

From Analytics Implementation to Data-Studio Setup. We bring your Data into your business.  


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Who we are

A creative, data-driven, and innovation-lead digital agency that strives to create modern and memorable user experiences using state-of-the-art technologies with the help of a passionate and versatile team of brilliant, like-minded people.

Our philosophy

We strongly believe in: Create experiences, not products. Provoke emotion and leave a lasting impression. Build trust and drive innovation. Our entrepreneurial approach combined with our passion for digital success provides client focused results.

How we work

We combine creative thinking and data-drivien technologies to create industry-leading experiences for our clients. We believe in strong relationships built on trust and common aspirations. Our team members shine individually but light up when working together.

every project counts

Over the years, we've had the pleasure of working with happy clients. At Tripodo, every project counts. Our primary goal is to exceed clients' expectations. We take nothing for granted, and we do our best to win your loyalty- just as we won the trust of the following clients.

What Clients Say.

your feedback drives us

"Tripodo took on the challenge head-on and created a product that we had not even envisioned before. Their passionate team contributed to the planning, strategizing, and creation of something truly inspiring.
We couldn't have asked for more!"

Steffen Roth - Project Lead Mercedes-Benz just exlore projects